Profile - Attorney Thomas Klausen

Thomas Klausen has been specialized in advising on competition law for 15 years, including as an independent lawyer since 2014.

Having been based in both Denmark and Brussels Thomas Klausen has advised companies of all sizes and multiple nationalities on all types of competition law matters. Thomas Klausen's advice is practical and manageable yet based on an extensive and thorough knowledge of both Danish and EU competition law. He is  fully dedicated and provides feedback in a swift and efficient manner.

While having been engaged in cases before more than a dozen different competition authorities, Thomas Klausen has particular experience - throgh a large number of merger cases and antitrust matters - with the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority and other relevant Danish authoroties.

Further, Thomas Klausen has held countless lectures and courses regarding competition law and has vast experience in providing compliance training, and he writes a monthly competition law column published in the nationwide newspaper Jyllands-Posten and on the website

Thomas and his wife Katrine are the parents of Michael (7) and Amalie (9).


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